When you own or run a business, every person that crosses your path is an HR Director sitting across a desk from you. And every time you hand out a card, place an ad in a publication, send a company postcard in the mail, or direct someone to your website, like it or not, you are having a job interview. Which begs the question, how do you present yourself at a job interview? Because as much as we'd like qualifications to be the sole factor in getting hired, on some level, we understand that image matters. So we shower, shave, put on an ironed business-casual outfit, smile, and try not to say "Um" too many times.

As for your business, is your logo an inappropriate outfit? Is your card an unkempt head of hair? Is your latest ad a bored look on your face? Is your website the 12th "Um" to come out of your mouth? Remember, your marketing, your company's image, is communicating something about your business whether intentional or not. Is it saying what you want it to say?

If not, Advanced Graphics can help.

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